Skirt Styles Based On Body Types

skirtsYou have been wearing skirts right from your childhood, but often you may have a question on what would suit you the best. Deciding on how to wear midi skirt is based on your body type which will be discussed later in this article.

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Skirts are numerous varieties, and you wouldn’t have even heard of a few names. They range from asymmetric skirts, pencil skirts, tube skirts and so on. Let us list down few of the body types and the type of skirt suggestions.

If you have a sleek lower body but have more weight around your waist, then you can term as an apple body type person. Then you can go with the kind of skirt which are loose and have more fabric in it. This kind of skirts should be high rise.

The belt area of the skirt should fit exactly on the narrow part of the torso, and the pleats should spread across the stomach. This is to hide the middle area. The lower edge of the skirt should show your legs to be slender. Give a try on the different textured skirts.
Apple shaped women are inclined in buying skirts with pleats to hide their tummy.

When your torso and the lower half all are of the same width, then you can surely opt for tight fitting miniskirts. Like said for apple shaped body type the sheer hemline shows your legs to be thin. It will highlight the curves without flattening your image.

Search for designed or floral skirts to focus the attention on your lower half. You can mix and match a solid tank top which would go well with the skirt. This would be the perfect attire for a night out.

If you have a curved body with the curved waist, then you can blindly opt for pencil skirts. Pencil skirts tend to even out your thighs and highlight your hips. For those who want to show off their curves then, a laced skirt would be the best choice.

These kind of skirts in solid colors are perfect for formal attire. Printed ones like an animal will look ideal for weekend outings.

Women whose hips are wider than the other parts of the body come under pear shaped body. Your waist, in turn, would be curvy. A-line skirts would look gorgeous on you. It enhances the narrow part of your hips and has ruffles on top of hips. This will in turn show as if your lower half is small.

Your shoulders and your upper body are your best assets. Add volume to shoulders and torso. If you could find vertically striped skirts then just go for it. For coordinating always wear a light colored top with a contrasting bottom. You can add pointed heels to show your legs to be lengthy.

Apart from choosing the skirts, you should also pay some attention to wearing accessories like floppy hats, bags, earrings, bracelets to highlight your look on the whole.

Eight Musicians Whose Memorabilia That Is Worth To Invest In


Are you looking for the best investment option? If so, then investing in music memorabilia is a wonderful option. But you must know how to invest and which memorabilia to invest. Musical devotee’s interest and preferences change from one period to another. You must thoroughly understand the interest of the people before making your investment.

In the website, you can find the different memorabilia collections of popular artists. If you want to give a surprise gift to your dear ones who are fond of music then this website is an ideal choice.

Music fans who are willing to take risk invest in the popular artist from different decades starting from Elvis Presley to Nirvana.

The value of the Micheal Jackson autograph rose to several dollars after his death in the year 2009. It is considered as the museum-grade quality autographs and it is worth to invest in it. The youngster listeners started to join in his fan base, it is expected that the value of his autograph will increase for the next twenty years.

Led Zeppelin memorabilia is the very desirable collection. The album “Led Zeppelin 4″ signed by Robert Plant, John Paul Jones, Jimmy Page sold recently at an auction for $206.

The demand for Nirvana memorabilia will be huge in next twenty years. It is the recent acts included in the list and risk-loving investors prefer this memorabilia first. The sweater wore in the band’s MTV “unplugged” performance in the year 1993, sold for $137,500. Nirvana, one among the top bands of 1990 are anticipated an increasing value for its memorabilia for the next 20years. It is one category where the price range will increase the most.

Bob Dylan memorabilia is already sold for a decent amount. It is also expected to be best investment option over the next twenty years. Fair weather reveals that the recent trend memorabilia “Shows no sign of slowing” and the Sex Pistols are the best bet for the next twenty years.

The Queen of Pop world may be the most valuable memorabilia for the next twenty years. The cost of her autograph tripled from the year 2000 to 2015 from $399 to %1060, released by the autograph index. Madonna is still in the music industry and performing music and the success of her early work is the sign of potential market for her memorabilia in future.

The Rolling Stones is one of the quirky memorabilia. The memorabilia of this band is preferred by the music lovers and it is auctioned for increasing rate when compared to the last year and the worth of this memorabilia is expected to increase for the next 20 years. The value of the autograph of the whole band in the year 2000 is $1060 and it is increased to $7400 in the year 2015.

Even after the death of Elvis Presley, he is still considered as the King. The value of his autograph rose from $800 in 2000 to $3730 in 2015. The average annual raise of his autograph is 10.8% as per the autograph index.

Try Out These Amazing Lip Glosses From Maybelline

77f8713f9508b6db6d3949b9991a563bMaybelline recently became popular with its wonderful baby lips collection that featured daily use gloss. The four products we will be reviewing now are cream finish lip glosses. A new formula that is designed to add a shiny, hydrating and nonsticky application. It is promised to stay for four hours. The best part is, there are 12 shades available in the market that comes in three finishes. The cream finish lip gloss might not offer that smooth texture, but the glossy one will offer an even finish on your lips. The lip gloss feels very light weight, hence can be used for an entire day.

The baby lips lip gloss review shows that no customer experienced any significant side effects from the product. Many women find it difficult to use even the best gloss sometimes because of its smell or taste. Baby lips will offer you the best fruity smell along with a wonderful taste. There is no chance for any discomfort to arise from its use. The color given by baby lips is very light. You can wear it to college or office. Since the color is very light, you can try all the shades still try out a tester to check which color suits you the most. The right shade of Lip gloss can bring a lot of difference to your appearance.

It varies from person to person, which shade suits them the best. Maybelline Taupe Me is a peach-orange kind of shade. Suited mostly for light to medium skin toned women. It has a crème finish and has an almost sheer coverage. If you are eating or drinking in the course of time, you may need to reapply it in an hour or two. Baby lips naturally take care of your lips. It will smoothen and beautify your lips. There are different shades under the Taupe Me category . MAC Boy Bait, Buxom White Russian, MAC innocent and MAC on the scene are few of the shades. They have different prices. Usually, they come in a pack of 0.18 Fl. oz.  

Next, is the Maybelline Life’s Peach that is pinkish in color.  Under Life’s peach there are many different shades to try namely, NARS Tasmania, Passionate peony, Too faced naked dolly, MAC talk softy to me, NARS Turkish delight, MAC flair for finery, MAC patience please and BUXOM white Russian. All of these shades are good. However, the appearance will largely differ depending on the natural color your lip has got. Hence, try out testers for experimenting.  

Next, is the Maybelline Tickled Pink that is milky pink with a creamy finish. It does not lay any emphasis on the lip line, hence a very smooth texture is provided. Women looking for highly pigmented version can go for NARS nucleus, MAC Wanting more and NARS international velvet. For a cool undertone look, go for Pink Pizazz. These were the product range you have under Baby lips lip gloss. They are decently priced and come in beautiful packs, with even wonderful features.